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In Department for  investment and ongoing maintenance performs the activities related to: investment and ongoing maintenance of building of state organs, representative objects of government organs and dipolomatic and consular missions of Montenegro abroad; construction, expansion and adaptation of office space owned by the state of Montenegro, as well as objects for the representation; organization and contracting drafting investment- current documentation for business investment; supervision of the contractual works with all preparatory and finishing works; preparation and implementation of activities in housing program for Commission for solving housing needs of the functionaries of Montenegro; maintenance and equipping official appartments of Montenegro; current maintenance objects in Montenegro with all installations (water supply, sewerage system, electrical installations, construction craft and similar jobs); maintenance of central heating systems, cooling system, fire alarm systems, PTT devices, radioactive lightning rods, etc.; organize work and is responsible for the quality and quantity of execution of works; arranging and implementation affairs with specialized organizations for specific types of work; maintenance of green areas, maintenance inventory.