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In the Sector for evidence and information performs the activities related to: conducting unique evidence state property in accordance with international accounting standards; keeping the real estate registry in state property, keeping evidence of property that’s by force of law becomes state property; keeping evidence of the property that’s used by more organs; keeping evidence of contracts concluded on the acquisition and disposal of immovable and movable property and other assets of greater value to the state property; taking care of the registration of properties owned by Montenegro in the real estate; harmonization of data from own evidence with data from the real estate; submission of requirements and monitoring activities enrollment in the cadastre, relating to land division, separation, exchange, preparation of draft contracts and monitoring their realization; execution of the lease payment; ensuring the conditions for the protection of property; performing other duties related to the evidence of state property by order of the Government of Montenegro and the Ministry of Finance; submission of reports to the Ministry of Finance in electronic form, as well as other activities related to the activities of the Department.

Organization of the sector:

a. Department for keeping immovable property in state property;

b. Department for keeping unique evidence of movable property and other assets in state property;

c. Department for keeping evidence property that by force of law become state property.