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In Sector for managing and protection of state property performs the activities related to: management and protection of state property; taking care of property that’s  by force of  law become state property; taking care of purposeful use of state property; investment and ongoing maintenance of building of state organs, representative objects of government organs and dipolomatic and consular missions of Montenegro abroad; valuation of the seized property, the storage, preservation, recovery and sale of seized property; depositing of  monetary funds obtained from the sale of seized property; recording of incurred changes purpose of updating and proper keeping of evidence of state property; legal and cost management, and use of business premises registered as state property, maintenance of official apartments registered as state property; furnishing official apartments; performing lease payment; maintenance and equipment of residential funds from the quota of official apartments in Montenegro.

Organization of the sector:

a) Department for management, protection and appropriate use of state property management business premises and official apartments;

b) Department for management for temporarily and permanently seized property.

c) Department for the preparation of contracts, lease payment, keeping evidence of contracts concluded on the acquisition and disposal of immovable and movable property and other assets of greater value to the state property and registration of property held by the Government of Montenegro in the real estate registry.